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Abaco Systems helps military and aerospace organizations minimize program risk and bring programs in on time and on budget. Our integrated, rugged systems solutions are based on a product range that includes single board computers, high performance embedded computing (HPEC), digital signal processing, GPGPU, image processing, sensor processing and avionics. We ally to those products our understanding of applications including ISR, EW, SIGINT, radar, sonar and 360 degree situational awareness. Our customers know that Abaco System brings industry-leading expertise and experience, together with broad and deep customer support.


US Air Force

Demystifying Performance

As we stride ahead as Abaco Systems, software is playing a key role in differentiating us from our competitors because it’s a significant strength for us. One of the things we see is how the embedded software world has now opened out to encompass the enormous open community of Linux, bringing a huge choice of open APIs, open source tools and utilities. That choice, though, can be overwhelming. How do you choose which is right for your...


Military Patrol

AUSA, Here We Come

It’s the start of the “show season” for us here at Abaco, and the first one up is in our hometown—Huntsville, Alabama. The AUSA Global Force Conference and Exposition opens on 15 March and closes 17 March, so our preparations are well underway. To quote the organizers: “The Association of the United States Army Institute of Land Warfare (AUSA ILW) will return to the Von Braun Center in Huntsville, Alabama for the 2016 AUSA ILW Global Force...


Land programs

Defining Abaco

As I write this we are on our seventh week “being Abaco.” If you haven’t heard of Abaco Systems, we’re a brand new company formed when GE spun out its rugged embedded computing business. In the mil/aero market, we were known as GE Intelligent Platforms for the past decade. Our roots go back thirty years, to companies like Radstone Technology, VMIC, SBS Technologies, and Condor Engineering. We’re also a company in transformation—a company that is...


Abaco Systems at US Naval Academy

Innovation, Leadership and Change: A Busy Start for Abaco Systems

2016: And we're off! As most of our readers probably know, GE closed the deal to sell off its embedded business toward the end of November 2015—and so began Abaco Systems. Being the end of the year, with the holidays looming, we had to jump through a few hoops to get us ready for 2016...and now we are here. It has been a busy start for our new company. I thought I'd share a summary of what we have been up to so far… The marketing team is working...


Star Wars

The FORCE Is With Us...

This blog discusses Abaco’s appearance at the Huntsville FACE TIM and how this event is a great milestone for the FACE consortium


Yes or No

Objection, Your Honor

They say that if you can’t handle rejection, sales isn’t for you. Rejection happens most of the time in sales: it’s a fact of life. I was told to remember that it’s rarely personal—the company you’re talking to just doesn’t want to buy your product. It’s not that they don’t want to buy you. Sage advice, no doubt, but after a relatively few years, I realized I didn’t cope with rejection very well. I also hated cold calling—working through lists...


US Navy: S-3B Viking

Upping Our Game

Well, it’s been a hectic couple of months, with our departure from the GE fold and the holidays. Given all that, it strikes me as remarkable that we have not missed a beat in bringing new technologies to the marketplace. Just this week, we announced the arrival of our latest multiprocessor platform, the DSP282 . This features two Intel Core i7-5700EQ CPUs belonging to the family known as Broadwell. This provides a great technology insertion...


2016 Calendar

5 Things I'm Watching in 2016

As we turn the page on 2015, I took the occasion to look back on the trends I saw for last year. Unsurprisingly, these trends are still driving forces in 2016. Some have gained even greater importance and they (along with some new ones) are changing our lives in dramatic ways. So, for the coming year, this is what I am watching. Social media Our political landscape is being shaped by an unrelenting tsunami of opinion. The sheer force of this...



Come and Join Us!

By now, you’re hopefully aware that Abaco Systems (the business formed when GE spun out its embedded computing organization) was successfully launched last month—and we’ve hit the ground running. You can almost touch the excitement around the place as we make our plans. Hopefully also, you’ll have seen how we characterize our business—that our commitment to innovation in our products and to delivering on our promises will see our customers...


Fingerprint Analysis

Forensic Business Development

When I mention the acronym “CSI,” what do you think of? Like me, you probably think of the long-running TV shows where the term stands for “Crime Scene Investigation.” I like those shows and, as an unreformed engineer—despite years of business development work—I am intrigued by the science involved. So, I am now taking a course in forensic science. It’s really interesting to see how forensic science relates to business development. Don’t believe...


AV-8B Harrier II

Using MIL-STD-1553 to Add New Capabilities

With the phenomenal power of new sensors, and the very high performance of new processing devices, there are many new capabilities that can be added to a military system that can deliver valuable information to the war fighter and keep them safe. The latest data can be provided that can have a critical impact on the mission. But: there’s a problem. Updating an existing system to take advantage of these new capabilities isn’t a task lightly...


Lightning II

5 Reasons to Be Excited

I’ve worked for small companies and I’ve worked for big ones. I’ve helped start-ups, acquisitions and the sales of whole businesses. I guess you could say I’ve been around. So when it was announced that the rugged embedded computing business was being spun out of General Electric, I started thinking about what that would mean. We would be taking all our current facilities, our workforce, our entire current product portfolio and keeping all our...


Towcester Abaco Systems

Day 1: Our People Who Put Your People First

Monday, December 7, was Day 1 for us here at Abaco Systems and we couldn’t have been more excited. Bernie Anger, our CEO, flew into the UK to talk to the team in Towcester (pictured above), and our worldwide team—from Bangalore, India to Goleta, California; from Edinburgh, Scotland to Huntsville, Alabama; and from Towcester and Milton Keynes in England to Billerica, Massachusetts—celebrated our first day each in their own way. At Foundation...


Glass Ashtray

What's the Benefit?

As I mentioned in my previous column, being able to articulate the benefits of what you’re selling is one of the keys to the whole process—but "benefits" are widely misunderstood. A memorable exercise at sales training school was that groups of us were given glass ashtrays (remember ashtrays? Back when people used to smoke?). Our instructor told us to write lists of its features, their functions—and the benefits of those functions. What was—and...


Military planes

Embedded Security and Open Systems Interoperability: Are They Mutually Exclusive?

Much of our business comes from the military and aerospace market, where the adoption of open systems architecture in DoD programs continues to evolve. Although not perfect, embedded computing products within the same industry standard business ecosystem will generally play together if attention is paid to interconnectivity. But just as the modular open systems architecture (MOSA) market gains steam, bringing with it more affordability and...