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Abaco Systems helps military and aerospace organizations minimize program risk and bring programs in on time and on budget. Our integrated, rugged systems solutions are based on a product range that includes single board computers, high performance embedded computing (HPEC), digital signal processing, GPGPU, image processing, sensor processing and avionics. We ally to those products our understanding of applications including ISR, EW, SIGINT, radar, sonar and 360 degree situational awareness. Our customers know that Abaco System brings industry-leading expertise and experience, together with broad and deep customer support.


Realizing the advantages of Machine Learning in COTS and MOSA Aligned RF Systems – EW, ELINT and SDR Applications

You are not alone if… You are struggling to meet schedule deadlines for releasing radio frequency (RF) processing sensors or systems You don’t have the answer to the contested Electro Magnetic Spectrum (EMS) of Tomorrow Your sensor or system is being asked to do more and share actionable data across boundaries Can you relate? If so, you may need a Commercial-Off-the-Shelf (COTS) Modular Open System Architecture (MOSA) to meet your RF processing...


Memorial Day_unknown soldier_Spec Trevor Wiegel

Honoring the past – looking ahead towards victory over a common enemy

As Memorial Day approaches in the US, I am often reminded of my grandfather who passed away several years ago. He was a retired colonel in the US Army and recipient of the purple heart award who was quite persistent in reminding his family of the great value and asset our nation has in our military men and women. He taught us to honor and respect all those who serve, giving of themselves day in and day out to protect our life and liberty here at...


Abaco Achieves AS9100 Certification Amidst Global Pandemic

In a time when our world has moved primarily to remote working and social distancing, the COVID-19 pandemic appears to be one of the biggest challenges workforces are facing today. It may seem improbable during this time we would be able to obtain certification for our quality management system in what would traditionally be an onsite certification process. However, our commitment to the quality and safety of our products is top of mind during...



The necessity for minimal redesign effort

I’m sure we’ve all had this experience. You’re working on a “quick” home repair, figure out what’s wrong, and run to the hardware store - only to discover the part you need isn’t available anymore. Now, instead of replacing a single, three dollars part in a faucet, you need to buy a new $50 faucet. Instead of a “quick” repair, you’re looking at several hours to have a working faucet. How frustrating. Now take that situation and instead of a $50...



Mixing the old and the new

Today’s world has conveniences that were unimaginable just a few decades ago. Seemingly any movie, music, book, or TV show is available whenever we want at just the touch of a button. We can achieve the same surround sound quality at home that we can in a movie theater. Our modern sources range from televisions to BluRay players to internet streaming sources - and there are even record turntable and cassette players available for those with a...



Meeting the Need for Technically Diverse Solutions to Complex Issues

In a day and age where change is the name of the game, it’s imperative that we continue to seek out mutually beneficial partnerships to advance joint interests and bring out the best in one another. Sometimes a good partnership looks like a family teaming up to make sure surprise guests under the age of five do not end up in the background of an otherwise important video conference during the COVID-19 pandemic. Other times a good partnership is...


Evolving to meet tomorrow's new missions

Guest blog post by Rob Andzik Founded in 2008, AMERGINT started with a team of engineers experienced in the design and development of satellite ground networks and communications systems. This allowed us to quickly bring our vast experiences and skills to the partnership with Abaco. Our company started with a blank slate and began work on a software-based architecture that handles the functionality traditionally done in hardware - such as...



Taking legacy products into the future

In 2010, high-definition televisions were becoming quite prominent. With them came the high-definition media input, or HDMI cable, providing better audio and video quality. New technology makes it tempting to ignore the legacy technology and say “Out with the old, in with the new!” – but it’s not a great idea. The market needs time to adjust and convert from the legacy to the new, and manufacturers must build that bridge to allow that adjustment...



There’s not always a right answer

A little over two weeks ago I was out of the office attending the first induction week of my Executive MBA at Warwick University. After two days of shaking hands (and washing them) while making introductions with other members of the course cohort and some of our lecturers, it was time for four days of lectures, debates and working on a group presentation. This first module was about how organizations, teams and individuals’ coordinate and are...


Coronavirus update

Amidst the current state of uncertainty related to the Coronavirus (COVID19), please be assured that Abaco is ready to meet your needs. We have implemented steps to ensure continued business operations and protect the safety of our customers, employees, and their families, as well as, any visitors to our office. Our commitment to our customers We remain devoted to providing the superior service and support that you have come to expect of our...


A silver lining?

Current guidelines around the world in response to the Corona virus suggest we work from home if possible. Will that mean that many more of us never go into the office again?


Abaco’s SBC3511 is awarded Best in Show by Military Embedded Systems

Not only did we have some valuable meetings at the show - we also picked up an award.


Abaco Systems opens new headquarters at Redstone Gateway

On March 18, we officially open our new HQ. It's a good time to look forward - and a good time to look back over how far we've come.


A profound but quiet software revolution

When Michael discovered deep learning in 2016, he realized the most amazing software revolution of his life was starting.


In Tel Aviv for the Military and Aviation Exhibition

Our worldwide network of partners is an invaluable asset to us. This week, we've been with AVDOR in Israel.