AUSA Global Force Day 3: The Show’s a Hit

Short day today—the show is only open for three hours. I was thinking that, with only one appointment left, I would get an opportunity to walk the show. Boy, was I wrong. Our first appointment showed up and that took an hour and a half. Great meeting, though. A couple other walk-ons and—wow, now it’s 30 minutes left and folks are breaking down their booths already (I hate that—it’s so rude. Shouldn't the ref throw them a yellow card?). We waited, though, and at the appointed time, we shut it down—the show was over. Above is a parting shot—that's John Chehansky minding the store before we shut it down. Anyway, a short wait for the crates and some great help from our marcomm and inside sales folks made breakdown easy. Forty-five minutes, and there I was sitting down writing this.

Reflecting on the week, I would say this one was a hit. Sure, we had the General cancel at the last minute, but hey, he promises to meet with me the next time I come to town, so all is not lost. Then there was the missing table and chairs, but even those arrived in time for our first sit-down. The crew were engaged, the meetings were awesome and I even lost some weight ("Lunch is not an option..."). So, yeah—a hit.

These things are always a ton of work and stressful as all get-out, so when it's over, it's a bit of a let-down... Time to relax.

Wait: is that my phone?

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Larry Schaffer

Larry Schaffer has been with us in a business development role since 2001, and works to create and maintain long-term, strategic relationships with key companies engaged in embedded computing for ground systems applications with a strong emphasis on image processing and distribution. He was born in Pennsylvania and educated as an Electrical Engineer in New Jersey and California (where he now lives). Just don’t ask him to tell you about being a war baby…

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