AUSA Global Force Day 2: Tired, but Pumped

AUSA Global Force

OK folks: another long day. Got to the booth two hours before the show opened, hoping for the quiet time I needed to write up notes from the day before. Wow! I need to work on my penmanship because it looks like I wrote "Pyldhr vih cl wyr in May." I guess it’s possible that I was just musing on some Welsh phrase I learned from my time there, but I doubt it. (Any Welsh speakers want to weigh in here?)

Anyway, I got most of the way through my notes when someone from the Army Materiel Command came up and wanted to schedule a meeting. "Gladly,” I said. Then the phone rang. "The General needs to reschedule.” “Happy to accommodate," I said. So I went back to typing.

My colleague John Chehansky then turns up with one of his old pals who is a Navy liaison officer and really wanted to hear about our embedded computing developments. “Pleased to meet you sir," I said. I went into my "PPT" mode, but before I was finished: "Ladies and gentlemen, the exhibit floor is now open.”

Then it was off and running. Today was great. I wish I could tell you about the program manager who told me that he and his team "love" the computer they (through our integrator customer) have had on their program for the last five years, or the one whose eyes lit up when I told him about the number of planes, trains, oil refineries and other stuff that GE monitors and predicts maintenance for every day and how he really needs that on his platform.

You can't buy that kind of positive feedback; you can only earn it. I may be tired, but I'm pumped, and even though I could say lots more about the day—I'm gonna start writing my notes!

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Larry Schaffer

Larry Schaffer has been with us in a business development role since 2001, and works to create and maintain long-term, strategic relationships with key companies engaged in embedded computing for ground systems applications with a strong emphasis on image processing and distribution. He was born in Pennsylvania and educated as an Electrical Engineer in New Jersey and California (where he now lives). Just don’t ask him to tell you about being a war baby…

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