AUSA Day One: Meeting and Learning

AUSA Day One

Well, yesterday evening saw us winding down at the end of the first day of AUSA. Nothing left but the beer, wine and snacks with the attendees. (One of each, please!)

It was a great day: no drama, except for a missing cable—which was easily fixed, thanks to the local Best Buy.

Things started with a partner visit; they brought so many people that most of us stood for the meeting. It was great!

The rest of the day was customers and our good friends at Army leadership. We took them through our latest developments—our recent business expansion with 4DSP and Technobox; our continuing success with our RES3000 line of switches; and, of course, a taste of Project Elroy (cue swelling music). 

We learned a lot from these conversations and are incredibly grateful for the time and kind attention these folks gave us. (I’d mention names, but really, I shouldn’t. Besides; you know who we’re talking about.)

The turnout is good! I mean: it’s Spring Break week (and it’s raining here in Huntsville)—but hey! Who wants Florida sunshine when you can be at AUSA Global Force 2017?

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Larry Schaffer

Larry Schaffer has been with us in a business development role since 2001, and works to create and maintain long-term, strategic relationships with key companies engaged in embedded computing for ground systems applications with a strong emphasis on image processing and distribution. He was born in Pennsylvania and educated as an Electrical Engineer in New Jersey and California (where he now lives). Just don’t ask him to tell you about being a war baby…

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